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About the Exhibition:


180hilos has been an art editorial which

since 2012 has been selecting and

editing graphic artwork in Barcelona.

The collective of artists includes well-established

artists such as Óscar Mariné, Roberta Marrero

or Álex Trochut, who all are integral part

of this great editorial project.

On the occasion of its 5th anniversary,

they present the collective exhibition

“Tu casa llena de vida” a magnificent selection of 24 pieces from 12 artists, a wonderful gift to all our senses. The new entries from 180Hilos

are Alba Blanquez, Coté Escrivá, El Dibujo,

Gonzalo Muiño, Juan Díaz Faez, María Melero,

Raúl del Sol and Yido. Also inclusive of the new artwork from Daniel Montero, JL Merino,

Jorge Arévalo and Sanz i Vila.