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Straight line in its literal meaning is an important concept for Marest being a very important device present in all his artwork.

The artist gets inspired by the architecture and

the colours of Barcelona to create the palette of 25 colours and geometries with which he has worked in exclusive for this exhibition. Barcelona as a welcoming space of different cultures and civilisations is the door to enter Europe. The importance of colour has been present from the green areas to the pure concrete to the influence of its urban feel inundating the city with graffitis and murals. Marest owns up to all these items to generate the narrative of his artwork.

STRAIT LINE counts on 15 original unpublished pieces produced in acrylic over the cotton paper  of 600 gr manufactured in Barcelona.

The exhibition will be available to the public at Opera Lounge in Calle Mallorca 193 starting from 8th June to 31st August 2017.