Psicorealismo Exhibition


23rd September to 8th December

Opera is very excited to present

its second exclusive contemporary art

exhibition ‘Psicorealismo' coming from

an established artist from Barcelona,
Fran Rodriguez, lacabezaenlasnubes,
launching on 23rd September.


The new exhibition is going to be on display
at the new multi-disciplinary space of Opera
in Calle Mallorca 193.


From escapes and innovation, through imagery landscapes, extraterrestrial trips,
dreamed experiences, this new exhibition
is taking us on a journey outside of reality.


‘Psicorealismo’ is the internal habitat

within which Fran Rodriguez works with collage,
it’s lacabezaenlasnubes...

To find out more about the art

exhibition, please come and

visit our gallery or contact: