Opera´s first anniversary
will be sponsored by Williams Chase Gin

A new exhibition produced after several
months of work where the seven artists

have adopted the concept of Opera
as their main inspiration. Cesar Biojo, Hugo Cardenas, Antonyo Marest, Marc Pallarès,
Mareo Rodríguez, Raúl del Sol y Nicasio Torres are the artists who have worked on the concept and present their unpublished work for
this exhibition. Drawing and painting are
the disciplines which will fill the walls of
the gallery. And why Preludio?? (Prelude).
At Opera, like with an instrumental composition conceived like the introduction of a musical piece, Preludio introduces the collective of

seven artists, who will all have the opportunity
to present their individual artwork

in dedicated exhibitions programmed for
the second year of Opera.

To find out more about the art

exhibition, please come and

visit our gallery or contact:

Trànsito Exhibition