African Soul - Gaby Guiard


The new photography exhibition
by Sergi Jasanada


Gabi Guiard is a professional publicist born in Barcelona in 1972.

Since he was a child, he has been strongly attracted to the small wonders offered by the Mediterranean sea. It will not be until a few years later when he discovers a connection with the difficult to reach nature, the light and the wildlife of a continent which will transform him for ever, Africa.

Here his real passion, the photography of the animal world, comes to life. In a land full of blossoming life, he feels his creativity can really express itself. It’s only there where he can really feel and observe the frail balance between life and death. Where he can capture through his lenses the mesmerising spectacle of fighting for survival.

His images are depicting the fight for preserving a world that we are destroying, a world that does not just belong to us human beings.


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