180 Hilos Exhibition


21 May - 21 August 2015

In concomitance with its opening event,
Opera is very excited to present
its first exclusive contemporary art

exhibition coming from a collective of

both established and emerging artists,

designers and illustrators called 180Hilos.


This artwork is brought to life in Barcelona,
in a famous studio recognised
with the national award ART-PLUS.
Serigraphy - also called screen printing or

silk screen - is a printing technique whereby
a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate, expect in areas made impermeable to the ink
by a blocking pencil. The technique requires
impecable precision and particular dedication.


180 Hilos divides into 180 Hilos Clásico,
180 Hilos Oro y Obra original.

To find out more about the art

exhibition, please come and

visit our gallery or contact: